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Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to retrieve something dropped down your sink

Never pay a plumber to retrieve something you dropped down your sink. Here's a simple trick that will remove the object quick and easily. You will wonder why you never thought of this. We assume this will work in an RV's sink as well as one in a home.


  1. I have limited bandwidth on an aircard so do not play videos. Can you give a blow by blow description in words below the video in your post?

  2. Can attest that this does work on an RV drain as well. While blowing the water out of my shower lines for winter I removed the shower hose. When I blew the line out, the parts inside the faucet blew out and of course passed right into the drain. I did not think to use panty hose, but the vacuum filter was good enough. I just removed the top of the vacuum and there were the parts.

  3. Karen, the video shows use a shop vac with a pair of pantyhose over the nozzle and suck it back out of the drain.

  4. @ April 30th anonymous: thank you for your discription. I'm using an iPad which does not support this video, so the written description was helpful.


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