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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Folding electric bicycle is perfect for RVers

This is the answer to escaping the boundaries of the campground for motorhome owners who do not tow a car or who don't want to pedal a traditional bicycle. The Velo Mini is the coolest electric bicycle we have ever seen, and it's now available with a tiny trailer you pull behind, perfect for running down to the local general store to stock up on grub. editor Chuck Woodbury brings one of these along on his trips and has written glowingly about its usefulness.

The bike is only 30 pounds, folds up in less than a minute and can be stored in an RV in a small space. The bike retails for $995. More information is available at the Velo Mini's website, but watch the video first.


  1. Nice looking bike. How far can you travel on a charge??

  2. From their website... "The powerful 180 watt brushless hub motor will transport a person 8 to 10 miles at speeds up to12 mph."


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