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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How an 120-volt RV electric system works and troubleshooting tips

Watch this brief overview about how 120-Volt AC operations work in an RV and pick up some valuable troubleshooting tips to find shorts, intermittent electrical problems, and the most common electrical failures. This three-minute video is excellent. Every RVer should watch it.


  1. Very good information and accurate, it does come at you a little quick however.

  2. Using the "green" way is all well & fine but if you want to permanently stop them from coming in or breeding ten thousand more, go to Home Depot and get a box of rat bars, it works for all rodents.
    They are about the size of a half dollar and have a hole in the center where you can run a wire through to attach the bar on the firewall behind your motor or where ever you're having the problem. After eating the poisin they will go for water, I have found several in our drive way but not one in our MH or any of our vehicles.


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