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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RV oven cooking tip will improve your meals

Here is a terrific, 90-second tip that may very well make cooking with your RV oven more efficient. We never would have thought of this technique, and we bet you haven't either.


  1. I have done that in my S & B home and have not burned the bottom of ANYTHING since. The tiles that I used were bigger but the same thing applied.
    I do find that preheat takes longer but overall is a much more even heat.

  2. Ridiculous. Don't you think the people that make these ovens would have considered this when designing and building their products. If it had any type of benefit, the manufacturers would implement it themselves, thus providing either marketing PR (uses less gas) or competitive advantage (cooks better), etc.
    I, for one, don't believe it.

  3. Bill N.- rather than coming up with 20 reasons why you don't believe this tip, why not try it yourself?

    Yes, of course it works- putting a heating stone in the oven to moderate and retain heat is nothing new. Good cooks and bakers have been doing this for decades.

    It is indeed a lifesaver in these dinky RV ovens.

  4. YES--it does work!!!!
    Men were dumb or did not cook in these ovens or else they would be bigger. Women just fixed the problem. They prove to out think the men who made them in the first place. NEED I say more...LOL...

  5. Using unglazed tiles in an RV oven is hardly a revelation; it's a well-established technique to help diffuse heat and help to prevent "bottom-burning" of whatever food is baking! And, if one doesn't want to use tiles, try baking cookies or biscuits or whatever on "Air Bake" baking sheets: double-layer of aluminum with "air space" sandwiched between the layers. If the food, e.g., a casserole, is in a baking dish, just place the dish on the Air Bake sheet and bake.


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