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Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to keep rodents from damaging your RV

When rodents visit your RV, it's bad news. These are visitors that you want to avoid. They can chew through wires, which can not only prove inconvenient and costly to repair, but can even cause fires. Here are a few tips about ways to keep mice and other rodents out of your RV. If you have tips of your own, please leave them in the comments.


  1. Other "green" methods I have used to keep mice out are to place a bar of Irish Spring soap in various compartments.
    I have also used peperment oil. Place the oil on a cotton ball and place that in a plastic bag with slots cut in it to let the fragrence out.
    Both of these work as to your methods.

  2. I have sucessfully used peperment oil. Put the oil on a cotton ball and place the cotton in a plastic bag. Cut slots in the bag to let the fragrence out. Put bags under cabinets, in compartments, and other appropriate places.
    Also Irish Spring soap, in the box, in compartments.
    This along wit your methods should keep all varments out.
    Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Had a mouse get in the MH one night. Next AM we turned on radio, found a RAP station (boom-boom-boom) cranked it up full blast, closed up the MH and went for nice early AM 1/2 hour walk. Never heard from that critter again. (All rodents have extremely sensitive ears.} Same works for mice in basement. The sound drives them out. Effective and cheap!

  4. We use Irish Spring (original) and have never had a problem until this past spring. We were going to stay home a month or two and did not take the time to put the stuff out. What a mess. One little guy got in the camper and left his marks. Dryer sheets and all of the others are a mith. Take the time, remove ALL food, don't forget the dog food etc. You can not simply walk away and expect things to be normal later.

  5. Leaving for an RV trip, discovered that a rodent had chewed through an exposed propane line. Had it replaced and upon returning, on advice from service tech, I ordered (online) fox urine. Came with 3 small dispensing bottles. Hung those around the RV about 3 years ago, replenishing every 30 days or so and haven't had a problem since. Six month supply was about thirty bucks.

  6. I find the dryer sheets loose their scent within several days. I've had great luck with Irish Spring bar soap in the box placed in all outdoor compartments. I also have them strapped under the hood of our car and truck and all rodent problems have ceased. I don't know how long the scent of the Irish Spring lasts because I've had them in use for over a year now and they smell the same as when I put them into use

  7. I've had Irish Spring with teethmarks from mice in a friends boat. I've eliminated it from my list of tricks :)

  8. I also heard moth balls worked. I had mice above the ceiling in my RV. I drilled a hole large enough to poke a whole box of mothballs up there. Kept hearing mice. Finally pulled down a section of the ceiling and found mothballs in among a mouse nest. Replaced the ceiling after plugging several entrance areas with window screen. No problem since. Also traps work after increasing the sensitivity by bending the spring release to hair trigger release. I once watched a mouse eat every bit of peanut butter off a trap without springing it. After increasing sensitivity we had a dead mouse. Plugging entrance points is the only true method of getting rid of pests. Use stainless steel wool to prevent rust stains. Galvanized screen works for larger entrance holes. Might want to put some extra insulation there too to prevent cold air from entering too. Expanding foam works.


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