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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Motorized Lazy Boy chair perfect for exploring the RV park

How do you get around the RV park? Walk? Ride a bike? Well, here's a very creative method you may not have seen: Explore the park in a gasoline-powered Lazy Boy recliner. Yup! This is very cool. See it in action in this two-minute video (and prepare to smile).


  1. What utter idiocy. Do any of you really want to play with this guy in a campground? With your kids? You'd likely need to be as messed up as he appears to be. This is a serious accident waiting to happen, but in the words of Ron White, "There ain't no cure for stupid"

    Shame on RVTravel for posting this as hee-haw funny. It isn't.

  2. Anonymous needs to get a life! The lazy boy isn't exactly a rocket and the guy appeared to have good control of it. The entertainment value and conversational aspects make it a hit with me!

  3. Anonymous needs to lighten up. This chair looks like it would be a great conversation piece at any RV park. And the fellow looks like he's in complete control - better than some drivers I've seen.

  4. A motorized Lazy Boy has all but eliminated any need to walk anywhere and get some exercise.

  5. imagine a fully electric and quiet........


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