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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Video shows construction of 5th wheel RV, focus on wiring

In this eight-minute video you'll get a personal tour of a fifth wheel trailer midway in its construction. The narrator points out all the wiring, what it will be used for, and shows where various devices will be installed. We found this video fascinating.

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  1. Very boring. I was hoping for something more informative.

  2. Look how thin the insulation is on the front section. Not much for heating or cooling.
    This type of insulation will compress with age.
    Not a high quality rig.

  3. I was wondering why the name of the manufacture was not shown, after watching the video I can see why... What poor construction!

  4. I am really astonished to see, in this high tech day and age, wood frame construction and fiberglass batt insulation. The cabinets and interior appear to be made of plywood and OSB panels. HEAVY! HEAVY! HEAVY!!

    Fuel is going up, probably in a few years it will be higher than we can imagine today. It will be necessary to pull your RV with a compact car!

    It is really time for high tech to take over the RV industry, let's see aluminum stud construction, foam insulation, sandwich skin and sophisticated electrical power management systems.

  5. This looks more like a trailer that a few guys are building in their barn, than a professional factory.

    It might be interesting to someone who is considering a build, but there are lots of better things to look at.....

    Sorry, I was "glazing over" about half-way through...

  6. Not very impressive, let alone fascinating. I concur with comments posted by other viewers, particualrly with the application of the insulation.

    Discovery Channel had a better segment on their "How it's made" program.

    I'm glad I have a Chinook Concourse; their build quality is light years ahead of what's being shown in "this amateur hour".

  7. Scary! No wonder the rv industry is in trouble. Looks like a fire trap to me.

    Where is the technology? You would think there would be more plug and play components, pre-assembled electrical sections, etc.

    Very sad not to mention boring. It is too bad they didn't tell us who the manufacturer was so I would know to steer clear of this one.

  8. O MY ! ! ! They built this rv like i would build a shed. (Cheap) I'm so glad i spent the money on a high-end 5ver which has all the new tech in it.(aluminum studs)
    And proper insulation!! If that pink insulation gets wet it is garbage....buyer needs to do their homework!!!

  9. Went to the link and got a Goverment Motors commercial. what gives?


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