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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to make your RV refrigerator work more efficiently

In this four-minute video, RV expert Mark Polk tells you how to make your RV refrigerator work more efficiently. He explains exactly how a refrigerator in a recreational vehicle is different from a home unit, and why you need to treat it differently than your fridge at home.


  1. I noticed insulation on the flue. Is this something that I should add to improve efficiency of the heating in the flue?

  2. I understand the need to be sure the fridge is level but what surfact is the best to use as a reference? I have checked my floor and counter top and the bottom of the freezer section of the fridge. They are all a little different. Even the frezer bottom itself is not absolutely flat.
    There are some cooling fins in the back of the refrigerator area. Should I use the edge of these fins as my exact reference for level?

  3. The best reference point to make sure the refrigerator is level is the floor of the freezer. Use one of the small bubble levels and level to within one half bubble or better.

  4. Great support. I had a RV fridge problem that I did not know about until the food went off. After a quick lesson on how the fridge worked I was able to find the fault. "A blocked drain vent", Thanks

    Malcolm Callister


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