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Friday, June 5, 2009

Incredibly stupid RV trick with fire

In this episode of "People are Stupid and and Some People are Really, Really Stupid" (as in this case), a fellow finds a wasp nest in his travel trailer. It's attached right where the wall meets the ceiling -- a highly flammable ceiling, we should say. So what does he decide to do to get rid of the nest? Yup, burn it! A stroke of luck kept the RV from totally going up in flames! The video is terrible -- the camera going every which way. But you can see enough to know that this is something a person with even half a brain would never try.


  1. And this kid is part of our gene pool?? Jeeze!!

  2. Did anyone notice that the rv was already gutted and had all the windows broken out. It was obviously abandoned. Still a stupid stunt tho.

  3. What's really amazing to me is that these idiots publish their stupidity!!! How ignorant!!!
    Just My Humble Opinion.........


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