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Sunday, September 7, 2008

How to install an Extended Stay Kit

In this four minute video from RV Today, see how to modify an RV’s propane tank so that you can attach an extra propane tank for extra long stays in one camping spot. Also see how to power a portable gas grill with your on board supply of propane. The process is easy and the cost minimal.


  1. Nice introduction to a useful accessory, especially if you have an LP generator and need a little extra LP capacity. BUT, my propane dealer cautioned me that after installing the Extend-A-Stay adapter on my Winnie VIEW, the adapter was supporting both the low pressure and the high pressure regulator together. It offered a lot of leverage on the two regulators that were hanging on its outlet fitting. The propane dealer added a simple support bracket on the regulator outlet side to prevent vibration from causing problems with the adapter fitting working loose. Now it is rock solid!
    Bill, San Angelo TX

  2. ANother Anonymous,, What cert. Tech would use adjustable wrenches working on an RV,,, should be shot!!!!!!

  3. I'm confussed, why wouldn't you just hook up the tank up to the grill ?

  4. Cool video! This is a great strategy to use for long trips. Nobody wants to run out of gas power while on an extended RV trip. In fact, this happened to me once when I first got my rv. I didn't know what I was doing to be honest, I didn't think that anything like this needed to be done. I bought the rv lp supplies from Makarios RV and they work great.

  5. my tank is perpendicular to the frame, cannot get to the "stuff" I need to take off. do they make a kit that will just hook up to my Fill valve on the tank?


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