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Monday, September 8, 2008

How to handle a tire blowout on your RV

Please take ten minutes to watch this video. You’ll learn how to act if you experience a tire blowout on your motorhome or tow vehicle. Hitting the brakes is the worst thing you can do. Taking your foot off the accelerator is almost as dangerous. In this well-produced video, you’ll learn the right way to react to a tire blowout by using established principles proven over the years, enabling you to maintain control of your RV. Watching this video could save your life or the life of someone you love. Watch it.


  1. Great video, thank you for putting on your site, I'll be sure to pass it on to my RV friends. DA

  2. This video was very helpful and well done.

    I appreciate it because the subject has been a major concern for me as an RV user ever since I started to drive and carry my family.

    I feel very well prepared to handle the situation now. Also, I believe my first instinct would have been to go for the brake before watching this video.

    I plan to pass this on to family and friends, if possible.

    Many Thanks for a job well done.

    Mike in Minnesota

  3. I have had a right front tire blow out and a left rear inside tire blow out. Both times I was able to maintain control. Both tires were Michelins and without looking at the tire the Michelin dealer immediately claimed that the tires were underinflated. Which was balony since I check the tires regularly. Consiquently I will never buy Michelins again.

  4. Tried to watch video on 9/12 but "No Longer Available" sorry to have missed it.

  5. Tried to watch on 9/12 "No Longer Available" sorry to have missed it.

  6. Thanks for the vidieo however it would be nice to know how a 5th wheel or travel trailer reacts due to a blowout.

    1. I have had 2 shredding blowouts on my 37 ft 5th wheel. In both case, it felt like I had just hit a bump (and not a bad bump) in the road. I did not discover the blowout to the rim until I stopped. Has made me leary of any bumps.

  7. Wonderful video. Informative and sobering. Thanks for posting it.

  8. I think what you are try to do is a good thing.How ever most people will panic when this happens, As you said this was a controled test in Nevada.So in a perfect world every one wears seatbelt and has hands at correct position. Its not a perfect world. Why not inform people about Tyron saftey bands, tire pressure system, just to name a few.

  9. He didn't talk about the best way to pull off to the side while coping with a "flat" tire.

  10. My rear tire leak came from a nail. It didn't make a significant change in the feel, but produced a rumbling noise. Without the "wop wop" of a flat tire, it took me a while to realize what had happened. I'm lucky not to have ruined the tire (a $40 patch job took care of it) or worse, had a loss of control issue. This is a good video. Acceleration is good advice. Thanks for the information.

  11. Good video but I pull a fifth wheel RV. I had a blowout and I noticed very little sideways motion, just that dreaded flip-flop noise. I gradually slowed down and pulled off the shoulder. I did not hit the brakes hard, but slowed gradually. I think pulling a trailer and having a blowout on the TOWING VEHICLE would be a more dangerous situation tha a blowout on the trailer.

  12. Thanks so much for this video. I would have never known that you accelerate

  13. Great to see this still available. Watching it again has increased my confidence after doing 30K of winter "escape" driving...


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