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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to flush your RV's hot water tank

Professor of RVing Jim Twamley shows you the step by step process of flushing your RV hot water tank. Although this may seem like a simple proceedure to veteran RVers, there are definitely some do's and don'ts involved. So watch as Jim shows you the right way to perform this important maintenance proceedure on your travel trailer, motorhome or other recreational vehicle.


  1. I use seal tape (tape dope) on the drain plug which has greatly reduced leakage.

  2. You should have released the popoff valve first before removing the plug.
    This would have released the pressure before working on the water heater.

  3. If your water heater has a nylon plug, the plug should be replaced after one re-use as it will become hard over time and will crack and begin to leak at a less opportune time! That has happened to me twice in 5 years. As a fulltimer, I flush my tank 3 times a year, and replace the plug every other time. The plugs come in packages of two.

  4. Another alternative to the nylon drain plug is to replace it with a brass plug (available at any home supply store). Be sure to use teflon tape to ensure a good seal and to make subsequent removal easier.

  5. A device is available which fastens onto your hose and will reach inside the tank to flush it with a high pressure stream. This is a good step to perform before turning on the water to flush the tank.

  6. Does anyone know if the RV industry has or is developing an on-demand-hot water system for RV's? They have them for homes, why not RV's.

  7. Yeah, they're out there. Just Google "rv on demand hot water system tankless" and you'll see.


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