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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stupid RV Tricks: Proof of humans who failed to evolve

Ok, folks. . . here's another example of stupid people doing stupid things. This is perhaps the stupidest trick involving a recreational vehicle we have ever witnessed. Watch as this group of mentally challenged young adults perform a trick that can only come out of incredibly low intelligence, boredom, a jaded sense of what is funny, and the inability to pass 8th grade.


  1. These kids are of course, stupid.
    Maybe they should run and become politicians!

  2. Yes, these kids are stupid as dirt, but you're wrong about the politicians. Professional con artists (i.e. politicians) are very, very smart, it's the gullible voters that are stupid.

  3. Boy...with the price of gas they even used it sparingly!!! ;)...Kids..lets create a better society.

  4. Really the only thing this has to do with RVs is that the kid jumps off the trailer in the background. This movie really isn't about RVs or RVers. (Thankfully!) It's about dumb people, dumb even for their age.


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