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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Take a tour of RVer paradise Laughlin, Nevada

Stew Oleson takes you on a tour of Laughlin, Nevada, a gambling boomtown and popular destination for RVers on the Colorado River. He introduces you to town founder Don Laughlin, and tells the story about how this tiny, dusty outpost has exploded into a hugely popular weekend and vacation destination.


  1. Downright good video. I'm an RVer and home owner. I live here (in Bullhead City) right across the Colorado River from all of the casinos. Laughlin is my playground. This video featured Don Laughlin (owner of the Riverside Resort and Casino) and the AVI Resort Casino, but there are 9 more casinos that seem to be nearly full of patrons for seven days/twenty-four hours a day.

  2. Hey Desertmanfred! Good to hear you enjoyed the video. I have always loved heading up to Laughlin for some sun and fun, especially on the Colorado River. We caught up with Don at his casino and he was very gracious with his time to review the story of how Laughlin came to be. And you are right about all the other casinos along the river! Stew


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