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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Remember Stew Oleson of the TV program RV Today?

Here's a 10-minute video Stew made of a motorhome trip he made recently with his sister and her husband to Quartzsite, Arizona and other nearby locations. It's typical, goofy "Stew" — a very funny guy. If you liked Stew on RV Today, you'll enjoy this very entertaining video. And, by the way, in case you are wondering what Stew is up to these days, he's an Associate Professor of Broadcast Journalism at Biola University in La Mirada, California. Watch Stew's video.


  1. Good to see Stew again. I miss RV Today, especially this time of year. Very entertaining video.

    1. Hey Mike! Thanks for the kind words. I had a blast hosting and producing RVtoday from 2000-2007. We met Chuck on the road in Oregon on one of our adventures. That was the best part of doing the show - connecting with all the RVers out there.

      Safe travels ...


  2. I too miss RV Today. I don't understand why it was taken off the air, especially since it was beginning to be discovered by so many RV'ers. It takes time for a new show to catch on, and the word was getting out.

  3. Very entertaining Stew- great to meet your family also! I miss RV Today (and tomorrow).

  4. Great to see Stew again. Could there be more RV video's in the future?

  5. Wonderful short film, always loved Stew, miss him on the air. Perhaps Chuck you could expand your empire w a nice video series w Stew that could be aired by Youtube, or who knows what these days. Could go viral !!!
    Thanks for bringing it to us.

  6. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments here! And thanks to Chuck for posting the video ... had a bunch of fun on the road with the Fleetwood Providence!


    PS I assigned my brother-in-law to the black water detail on the trip!

  7. The video linked was from RV Today, Harper's Ferry. It looks great of course, but where's the recent Quartzite video linked?

    Jeff Johnston

  8. Stew Oleson got me hooked on camping and visiting RV parks around the west. Whenever I see an RV or a campground, you can't help but not think of Stew and RV Today.


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