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Monday, March 8, 2010

Portable bike for your next RV trip? This would be very cool!

Okay, this wins the coolest bike contest! With this this very portable bicycle along on your next RV adventure, short trips from the campground will be a snap. And don't worry about installing a big ol' bike rack -- just collapse this bicycle and store it just about anywhere. Oh. . . the only problem with this bicycle is its price tag: $5,400. Ouch!


  1. Yikes what a price tag!! I can buy a scooter and lots of gas.

  2. Once I saw the price I did not want to see the video

  3. Yike, get off your lazy bum and ride a real bike. You can get a nice folding bicycle for under $500.

  4. Okay...if it really had that ribbon of green light following it, I MIGHT be tempted...

  5. Or, you can get one of the cheaper electric bikes for $500; or a nicer, fold-up version for about $1000. The main unique thing about this is that it folds into a very small package. The tiny rear wheel could get easily hung up in gratings or potholes. It's way overpriced - basically a toy for rich yuppies who want to feel smug about (dubiously) helping the environment. Another Segway, or probably even less.


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