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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Motorhome driving tips from Jim Twamley blogger Jim Twamley offers tips about how to drive a motorhome. Obey some simple rules and it's easy as pie.

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  1. You mentioned one of my favorite problems. I'm a great fan of leaving room between my C and the vehicle in front of me. Problem: how do I convince the cars passing me that they do not want to cut immediately in front of me and, worst of the worst, brake? Besides wildly dangerous for the physical well being of all concerned, there're the liability issues. If they cut in this quickly, brake, and I hit them because I cannot stop or slow as quickly as they do, I'm at fault.

    What do I do about these situations? Grit my teeth and pray? And not all of them are cars; semis too.

  2. Great video. Thanks Professor Jim. When changing lanes or passing, I not only use my mirrors, I also use my backup camera. I have it on all of the time and check the traffic behind me every so often because I am invariably going slower than those behind me. When I do pass another vehicle, I watch for it on the monitor as well as in the mirror, using both to make certain I make a safe pass.

  3. That was the most uninformative and time-wasting video I think I have ever seen. There was really NOTHING in that video of value...

    Why is it even still up online?


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