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Friday, March 6, 2009

RVers build their own fifth wheel trailer

Some people are handy. Some people are really, really handy. Take Chad and Tricia Nicholls. When they wanted a new fifth wheel trailer and couldn't find the right one on an RV dealer's lot. . . well, they just built their own. And, wow! It's a 31-foot beauty with bunk beds for their three young children, a centralized computer, six flat screen TVs, and just about every other convenience, including. . . well, the kitchen sink. Building it wasn't hard, says Chad, who probably underestimates his own talent. "It wasn't one main project but a thousand little ones," he said. In this interview from RVTV, hear the Nicholls' tell how they built their RV and see pics of the unit during construction.


  1. i am interested if this accomplished DIY IT director has addressed the expense of satelllite internet. or at least his choice in this area.

  2. It looks like an interesting project to do. What did you do for a chassis? I will assume that you did not make it.

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