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Friday, March 6, 2009

Futuristic VW camper would make sense in these times

This is something else! Watch this two-minute computer animation of what must be one of most space-efficient camping vehicle designs ever imagined. In this day and age of smaller RVs. . . heck, maybe this little rig will end up on the production line.


  1. Hey VW....
    I want one of these! Just don't price it more than my house!

    And why can't one of our American RV builders try to go with something similar on a Ford/Chevy van chassis??

  2. Reminds me of the Class B's of today........not so far fetched. Additional tenting would have to be purchased, but we have a fold out table and a fold out sofa in ours, and I think the Great West Vans have an overhead bed option.

  3. This is great and there's no reason it can't be now!

  4. Not with a VW engine. If it was on Toyota or Honda Chassis it would be great.

    "Imported" does not always mean "better" or "more reliable". VW simply hasn't kept their quality improvement up with the times. Their products seem to appeal more to trendy affectation, than solid workmanship. Even the original beetles weren't nearly as reliable a product as some people, who romanticize them, would like to believe. Even in the late 60s, an American-made V-8 could go 150,000 miles between overhauls, if you kept the oil changed.

  5. I would like to buy this one as soon as it arrive in market

  6. Does anyone have connections to influence decisions either for a conversion company or major car company to build this?


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