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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tour RV hotspot Laughlin, Nevada

In this six-minute video, host Stew Olsen takes you on tour of the gambling town of Laughlin, Nevada. The Colorado River town is a big winter destination for RVers, who come for sunshine, to gamble, and enjoy the many local attractions. Only 20 years ago, Laughlin was a relatively sleepy place, with a handful of casinos. RVers fueled the growth of the town by arriving in droves, most "camping" for free in casino parking lots (which they still do). You'll enjoy this video.


  1. Whatever happened to Stew Olsen?

    I certainly miss seeing on TV.

  2. Whatever happened to Stew Olsen?

    I miss seeing him on TV.


  3. A new RV park “for Motorhomes that are in the half-million dollar category and up”?


    This takes the snobbery of the “Motorhomes only, less than 10 years old” RV parks to several levels higher.

    Let’s hope this isn’t a growing trend.


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