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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

RV sleeps 15 -- a hotel on wheels

The biggest motorhome or travel trailer on the road today would have a hard time sleeping a half dozen people. But back in 1955 one model could sleep 15 -- each bed complete with its own window! And there was still room for a bathroom and dining room. It was called a "Hotel on Wheels." Take a look at this amazing RV.


  1. Several years ago, about 1995, we saw a large diesel bus pull into the campground in Crescent City, California. Near the back left side, a large deck dropped down, and several German tourists debarked from the bus. The back right side was covered in small windows like the ones in the video. The deck revealed large divided closets. So the old becomes new again!

  2. Yea these units are used today by the Rodeo folks, as bunk houses, but I'm sorry to say some of these people are not welcome in our resort any more. WE got the worst picture of these people when two of these trailers snook into our resort, fooled the guard at the gate into believing the manager allowed them in and then set up. These units had 8 quaters with one full size bed in each. After the trailers set up, then came the folks with kids, dogs and junk vehicles. Can you imagine, and rv lot, big enough for one traile/motorhome now accomidating all these people and their vheicles? Thats only a part of the picture; then some low lifes trashed our restrooms throwing fecial all over the walls and lavatory. These folks were escorted out by the Sheriff.

    Resorts and campgrounds have to be real carefull when these kind of units show up, Resorts and campgrounds ARE NOT MULTY FAMILY DEWLLING ACCOMIDATIONS...

  3. We saw one just like what Jim said at Monument Valley last year. They were European tourists. The bus was huge and red and they were all nice and kept their site clean and neat.

  4. The last two summers we saw a similar unit at the Santa Fe RV Resort in San Diego. It was a base for workers at the Del Mar Horse Racing Season. Apparently, it is towed from one track to another as the season progresses. Sleeps about a dozen men. They were very well behaved, and were almost never around. No problem at all.


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