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Monday, November 10, 2008

Rubber roof maintenance and RV winter storage

In this three-minute "one-take" video, an RV technician does an excellent job of telling you how to protect your rubber roof, especially in the winter. He discusses the pros and cons of covering an RV to protect it from the elements, and provides a tip about slide out positioning in the winter season. This is valuable advice. It's just too bad it isn't presented with a better microphone and a few different camera angles.


  1. Good guidance. I found Dicor does not go on smooth, and would recommend using a small brush and losts of time, not spreading it behond what is necessary to seal the caulk and seams. Even though it's white, it still stands out against the white of the roof, so minimizing the application also minimizes the visual appearance of too much goo! Particularly on the sides and at the gutters of the RV.

  2. How do you recommend covering the air conditioner? I live in my motorhome full time and park it in Ohio over the winter...


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