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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to build your own Teardrop Trailer

In this seven minute video, an RVer shows how he built a Teardrop-type trailer from the ground up. If you have ever thought of building a similar RV, you will get an excellent idea of how to do it after watching this.


  1. The man is a craftsman. One thing about building your own - you'll know how to fix it and it will be easier than most factory designs that give NO consideration to working on them.

  2. Thanks Chuck,
    Been interested in teardrops for a while, but especially now with the high fuel prices. Do you know if the builder used a purchased set of plans and who he bought them from ?

  3. Al -- I don't know the source of the man's plans. -- Chuck

  4. If you are looking for teardrop plans, here are some places to start.


  5. Beautiful trailer. I am interested in in knowing what kind of moulding was used from the sides to the roof. Where would I purchace it? Thanks John

  6. Great post! thanks for sharing these tips on How to build your own Teardrop Trailer! Keep posting!:)


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