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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vintage Travel Trailer Slide Show

Take a trip down memory lane -- your own lane or your parents.' As Johnny Cash belts out a tune, see one old travel trailer after another, and scenes from early RVer camping trips -- back when RVers were mostly called "trailerists." This is a whole buncha fun to watch.


  1. That was an absolutely wonderful show!! Thanks!!

  2. Many of the tow vehicles in the slide show have a straight 6 engine and 3 speed manual transmission. Now we think we need a diesel engine with an Allison automatic transmission. Maybe we need to get back to the basics with smaller campers and smaller engines.

  3. that was so enjoyable it reminds me of my first motorhome. I purchased an old stepvan painted green back in 1974. I fixed up the insid and out myself on a picnic table in a camp ground, the only thing it didn't have was a shower. It took a month and a half and so much fun. Then my 2 kids 5 cats and my boyfriend and me spent 2 months traveling from Virgina to california. We spent $300.00 a month for everthing. I guess at that time you might say we were Hippies or Flower children. I have waited all this time, and now I have a 36' Itaska Merridien 2007. This video has brought back such fond memories.

  4. That was wonderful. My folks and myself came West from Wisconsin in 1948 pulling a 26 foot trailer behind a 1938 Buick Century 4dr. We lived in it for 4 years in Phoenix and Pasadena, Ca. I wouldn't have traded those memories for anything. Now my wife and I are living full time in a 35 foot fifth wheel and pulling it behind a 2001 Chev. Duramax/Allison. I have come full circle. Thanks so much for the memories.


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