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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Take an RV shower with practically no water

In this short video, RVer Dave Ulmer shows you how he takes a shower using only two liters of water. "I have disconnected my RV hot water heater and use an electric tea kettle to heat my shower water with my excess solar panel power," he says. "I've been showering this way exclusively now for over three months and it works just great."

If you spend a lot of time boondocking, this might be a great way to take frequent showers with barely any impact on your freshwater or graywater holding tanks.


  1. That is a great way to conserve on water while RVing. I often thought of using a backpackers shower to conserve on water. My wife says that is not enough water for her to do her hair though!! Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Why not just use a solar shower bag, which you can hang in your shower, freeing both hands to wash and rinse. You can heat a small amount of water on the stove, if there isn't enough sun to heat it, and then mix it with enough cold water until it is the temperature you wish.
    You can leave whatever water is left over so there is no waste and you are assured of having enough to finish your shower.
    I have successfully used this technique for several years.

  3. Agree with the earlier post about hair. I can do shower/hair with about 1 gallon.

  4. Hi all
    Try a pump-up Plastic garden sprayer. Fill it in the morning,leave it in the sun all day,pump it up,have your mate spray you down. We used it for 2 weeks @ Imperial Vally.

  5. If you shower in a big storage bin, then you can use that water for flushing. That is if you don't have enough flushing water from washing your dishes, in dish pans. Recycle the water !!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  6. Or, take a sponge bath. Done carefully, you don't even have to use the shower, and will use even less water. This may not leave you feeling totally fresh. But if you use deoderant as well, at least you can go into a public place or restaurant feeling fairly assured that you probably won't cause serious offense.

  7. we have been doing this for 20+ years. we have made some improvements. we use two liter plastic softdrink bottles which we have painted black. we fill them and put them in the sun. in colder climes we put a large ziplock bag over them. we punch a hole in the cap. WARNING! the water will get VERY HOT. we usually just use one and fill another with cool water and mix half and half for the right temp. it doesn't take very long for the water to get the correct temp. by itself.


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