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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unstable travel trailer test results in jack-knife

If you tow a travel trailer, then watch this 16-second video. In an experiment, watch as a car pulling a trailer with too much rear weight results in pendulum motions, instability and ultimately in the RV and car in a jack-knife position.


  1. What a hoax! The driver made five attempts to jack knife, and on the fifth essentially made a u-turn to create the "accident". The trailer wasn't so unstable, the whole idea was!

  2. Looks good to me. Small, front wheel drive tow vehicle, pulling a trailer that probably weighs more. Hit the brakes and physics takes over. In a panic stop, what you are watching, happens. The trailer pushes the tow vehicle, fish tailing until the jack knife occurs.

  3. My first time towing I almost did this in an attempt to stop for a changing signal light. Fortunately my passenger stayed calm and said go through the light. Remember you are sharing the road with both experienced and inexperienced RV drivers.

  4. I'm not sure if I saw brake lights or not, but any RVer would know to use an appropriate vehicle to tow a trailer. It did look as if the driver did do some manual manipulation of the "test" to achieve a jack knife.

  5. "but any RVer would know to use an appropriate vehicle to tow a trailer."

    Not from what I've seen on the road.

    Looks to me like a driver talking on a cell phone.....


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