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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gaylord Maxwell: follow your RV dream

Gaylord Maxwell, author, lecturer and founder of Life On Wheels, died Sept. 20, 2008. Here is Gaylord at his best, advising an audience at Life On Wheels to follow their dreams, and not waste any time doing it. This lecture, which Gaylord presented many times, inspired many RVers to take up the full-time RV lifestyle.


  1. We knew Garlord and he will be sorely missed by us and all in the RV industry. We're sorry to hear that he did not make the 7.7 years, but, we know that he lived his life each and every day to its fullest. Our sincere condolences to Margie, family and friends.
    Les & Jean Potteiger, International Events Managers, Gulf Streamers International RV Club.

  2. Several years ago at one of the early LOWs Gaylord told me if I was going to full time, to do it sooner rather than later because you never know how much time is left. Our thoughts and prayers are with Margie and family. See you down the road Gaylord.

  3. Thank you everyone for your support for my Mom. They were together forever. The overwhelming feedback is incredible. We will all miss one of the greatest men ever in my book.
    thank you so much,
    His son,
    Lee Maxwell

  4. I didn't know Gaylord, but I wish I had've. This video is wonderful. Prayers to the family..

  5. We enjoyed meeting Gaylord at the LOW conference last year and always read his articles. He loved audience participation during his classes and I still got Goosebumps during his speach above when we saw it in person despite already seeing it on DVD. We are just starting our RV full-timing adventure and know that Gaylord will be our extra co-pilot!

    David & Sheila Knapp SKP#095866

  6. Gaylord was a wonderful man. He was a great help to me in producing my Video. I feel proud that you chose a short segment from my DVD to show Gaylord's "Lesson on Life". He was an inspiration to everyone.

    Larry Wood, Producer
    "Fulltiming...the Documentary"

  7. I am saddened to hear of his passing even though I never met him. I've read his columns for many years and felt a kinship with him. I send my condolences to his family and all his many friends.

    Dick Slater
    Ridgecrest, CA

  8. We never met Gaylord, but knew him by reputation as we traveled the RV circuit. He's right you know, don't put off your dreams - you never know when it is your last day - spend it doing something you love with someone you love.

    Our first piece of advice to people who want to take that long trip is always - set the date now and before you know it, you'll be on your way.

    Our thoughts are with his family.

    Phil & Carol White

  9. We never met Gaylord, but anxiously awaited his articles every month. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family.

    george & Barbara

  10. We have seen his talk twice and loved it. Too bad this video didn't include the rest of his talk. It was great.


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