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Friday, May 16, 2008

See a motorhome converted into a rolling office

See how an RVing couple remodeled their Class C motorhome into a rolling home office. There isn't a whole lot of room once the desks and office chairs were installed, but the setup works. And there's even room for a big screen TV, and an occasional party.


  1. nice job love some information on what satelite system you use.

  2. Hi aprilman, I'm Chris - that's my motorhome in the video. Our satellite Internet is the Datastorm. More info on our website at or even more on

  3. Looks & sounds great! If you don't mind sharing,
    what was the cost & where did you find the experts to do the work?? I'm a senior full timing & a professional storyteller trying to work on the road telling stories & writing a book. I have a class C Motorhome too. But gasoline prices have grounded me the last 5 months. Just saw a website which I'll check out for more info. I'm in MD after crossing the US & back in 2007 searching for workamper work for the summer to survive & not sell my RV home. Ms Virginia, Roving storyteller or


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