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Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh my goodness! Huge RV traffic jam

Watch this and weep as you witness a parade of hundreds of RVs of all shapes and sizes gridlocked on a two-lane highway after a busy weekend at Southern California Borrego Springs area. Most of us have "been there, done that," but if you need a reminder of what it's like, this video should serve the purpose.


  1. If you think this ones bad, you should have seen the numbers of RV's leaving the BURNING MAN in Nevada last fall. and every one had an inch of dust on them from the dirt/rain that came up.

  2. Good reason to stay Sunday night and leave on Monday. I've seen similiar backups around California between LA and Vegas.

  3. If a person only gets 10 days a year vacation, they may not want to use up an extra vacation day just to avoid the traffic.

    Then again, if they're retired or independently employed; they could ARRIVE on Monday and then DEPART on Friday before noon when it begins getting crowded. Oh well, just a few years more...


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