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Monday, July 27, 2015

Out-of-control trailer sway wipes out RV

Idaho's Interstate 86 is the setting for this "ruin your whole trip" video. The driver towing this travel trailer attempts to speed past a semi-truck (who provided the video capture), begins to sway, and fails to correct the sway. Witness the results. 

One wonders why the semi-driver appears to continue on his way. Some suggest there's no reason to "try and fix stupid," but there's no telling if anyone in the tow vehicle was hurt, nor (heaven forbid) if they might have been carrying passengers in the trailer. 


  1. I saw this video earlier this week. THOUSANDS (well, almost) of comments followed, covering every possible opinion. So, I won't start that here. It's just a shame, that's all, and hopefully no one was seriously hurt.

  2. Similar experience happen to us on the Indian Nation Turnpike in OK. No other vehicles on road or involved however. (Thank God) Violent wind gust caused trailer to sway out of control. Trailer ended up on side across the other lane. Truck ended upside down on median. No injuries, just minor cuts and scrapes. Both trailer and truck totaled. Worst part , our cat spooked and ran off.

  3. Anti sway bars work if you use them. NUF SED


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