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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Excellent documentary about full-time RVing

Every day, more Americans take up the mobile lifestyle, often referred to as full-time RVing. In this wonderful, hour long video, graphic designer, photographer and videographer Michael Tubbs brings insights into the lifestyle and those who live it. In "Without Bound," Tubbs records the stories of a handful of the hundreds of thousands of people who have made the decision to live in a mobile dwelling instead of a traditional "stick house."


  1. Excellent video! I sold my traditional home a year ago & moved into my 17-foot travel trailer. I can't imagine returning to my former lifestyle now, even though it was already low-key compared to most. The goal is freedom, and plain & simple is the way to achieve it. Thank you for sharing this video & reminding me of the reasons I did this!

  2. Stuff creates chains and those chains have links that can go on forever keeping you from the true meaning of life. Reconnect with nature. A truly inspirational video.


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