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Friday, September 26, 2014

See why Airstream trailers are cool

Go back 25 years, and you know what? RVs weren't cool! They were "Grandpa and Grandma's Playhouses." You never saw an RV on TV or in a movie unless some old couple was in it and their pink poodle was by their side.

Well, they are cool now. You see RVs on TV shows, in movies, in commercials, in ads in magazines in romantic locations, and you read stories about movie stars who travel with RVs.

Well, even back when RVs weren't cool, there was one RV that was: Airstreams. They were cool back then and they are cool now. It's like the Barbara Mandrell song where she sings, "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool." Well, just substitute "RV" for "Country" and you'd have a pretty good theme song for Airstream.

The fact is, even today, when RVing is very fashionable and even mainstream, Airstreams are still the coolest of the lot. And, a good part of why is the company itself which is smarter about its marketing than any other RV maker. It is relentless in promoting a positive image of its vehicles. Watch this video, which was recently produced by the company. The photography is great, the music is great, and all the people are cool — in part because they are Airstreamers. Even if you own another brand of RV and are happy with it, you might feel a little envious of the Airstream folks after watching this.

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