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Monday, June 10, 2013

The best RV leveling blocks

Every RVer has to deal with un-level campsites from time to time. Even if your RV is equipped with a leveling system, some sites are so sloped you just can't get your rig level. This is why RVers carry leveling blocks, also referred to as jack pads, stacker blocks or stabilizer pads. Whatever you call them, they all serve the same purpose: allowing you to level your RV on a sloped campsite. They also help keep jacks from sinking into soft surfaces. Here is a rundown from the RV Geeks about leveling blocks, including ones they consider the best.

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  1. UPDATE: We've now had our Utility Blocks for over 4 months and couldn't be happier with them. Like most RVers, we're always looking for innovative products to fill our needs. After looking at just about every jack pad on the market, these blocks were unlike anything else we saw and a real find. We wish that more makers of RV products would take the time to figure out such clever ways to solve our needs. The feedback we've gotten from fellow RVers who've bought these is that they love them too. You can only buy them through the same place we found them: in the manufacturer's eBay store:

    We were not paid to make this video and aren't paid anything if you buy them, but this product is a real hidden gem. If we didn't have confidence that every RVer will love them, we wouldn't recommend them so highly (or at all). They cost a little more than the cheap plastic blocks (about $70 vs. about $40), but they're way less expensive than other high-end blocks, which run anywhere from $100 to over $300! And we think they're better than any of them. :)


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