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Monday, April 15, 2013

Class A motorhome promises 30 miles per gallon?

How about a motorhome with a turbo diesel engine, short enough to fit in your garage, but tall enough to accommodate a six-footer without stooping? With better fuel economy than many a compact car (30 miles per gallon), and – of all things – made in America.

No, don't look forward to this astonishing RV to roll off a line out in Indiana. Look backwards to Pontiac, Michigan, to a now-obscure motorhome called the Vixen. Sources say that only about 300 of the turbo diesel units sold, while lesser cousins made up the total sales of less than 600 Vixen units sold back in the late 1980s.

But it's not for lack of trying. Here's a slick video promo that runs a little over eight minutes, designed to get someone to part with their money for their own, brand new Vixen.


  1. That is beautiful. I could work in that dinette and have the view through the windshield. The mileage would give great mobility, and the ease of operation would enhance that. I understand the importance of garage storage, but I'd be living in the unit.

    So, the obvious question. If we could do that in the 1980s, why couldn't we do it now?

  2. I actually saw one on the road last winter.. took photos as I passed it as I had never seen one before.

  3. I considered purchase of a Vixen back in the 80's and still have the original brochure. Why not now you ask. To keep weight and size down, it had tiny everything-bath, kitchen fridge, holding tanks, space for extras like generator and propane etc. Also, they had more flexibility in design because they did not have all the safety requirements of today.

  4. I actually test drove one in California in the 80's and absolutely loved it; am still kicking myself for not buying it when I had the chance! There is a company in Montana who still repair & refurbish them I believe. What a shame that no one will make a new version of it!!!

  5. I own a 1989 Vixen SE with the original gasoline engine. It gets 23 mpg and handles nicely. Because it has a high roof, it is too tall to fit in a regular garage. We belong to the Vixen Owners Association which arranges gatherings several times a year. We can meet and have fun figuring out how to keep our beautiful Vixens running smoothly.

  6. This is similar to the Winnebago Rialta in many ways. I am fortunate enough to own a 2003 Rialta and find it the most wonderful motorhome. Great gas mileage, easy to drive, small enough to drive and camp anywhere. Sadly, the Rialta has not been made since 2005.

  7. There are several for sale on the site. Wish I could get that MPG....

  8. Dont forget Ultravan. Afew were staying at the park we are in here in Fl. Really nice powered by Corvair engines


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