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Friday, November 30, 2012

Why travel in a Class B motorhome?

Mike and Jennifer Wendland of explain why they chose a Class B motorhome over the more spacious Class A and Class C models. There is some food for thought here for anyone shopping for a RV who is not sure which type is right for them.


  1. Good video. Fuel economy is another big factor in choosing a class B. My Roadtrek 190 gets 18-19 mpg. Compared to class A's & C's which may get only 10-12 mpg. Over the course of say a 10000 mile camping season that difference can be over $1500 in fuel savings with a class B.

  2. Great video...pertinent, succinct, and practical reasons given...we can appreciate that very much. We are in the decision phase of purchasing an RV and we have been looking at all makes and models. We've been leaning towards a class B for sometime now and this video just tipped the scales in favor of a class B...hands down!!!
    Thanks Mike & seeing you on the road!!! =)

  3. Thanks for the good insight and information.

  4. I think you pretty much covered all the reasons that I decided to purchase my Class B. Another big reason for me was the fact that I can park mine in my driveway at home. With a Class A I would have storage fees.

    Great video ... thanks Mike.

  5. Mike makes a good argument for a Class B if you are on the move all the time, want to go to out-of-the way places, like small quarters and short trips. For long lengthy trips, a Class B is pushing it also the cost of a new Roadtrek is thousands more than some Class A and Cs. But everyone to their own tastes. That is what is great about RVing - different people with different tastes but all share the same thing - the love of RVing. FYI we had a 38' Class A and downsized to a 29' 5th wheel. We had looked at Class Bs but we are tall big people and was to cramped for us and the way we travel.

    1. I do not know which class A's you are looking at, but if you get a class a with the same quality and options of any roadtech coach you will be spending the same amount of money, this is my complaint about roadtech coach's, they are beautiful but pricy when compared to class a's. I own a 39 ft. 5th wheel and love the space.

  6. I miss the winter camping in our truck camper in northern Michigan. Thanks for the video.

  7. Great video has some good points, but I will stay with my 5th wheel, and that's what makes life great, we can all make our own choices. Roadtech coach's are very nice, and glad to see someone enjoy theirs.


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