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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tiny motorcycle mini-trailer is impressive

You will be very impressed by this tiny pop up camper for motorcycles. It folds up and down in a couple of minutes. Its bed can be set up for one person or two and there is 15 cubic feet of storage space in its "basement." You could also pull this with a small car.


  1. So simple and well thought out! Really innovative product. Loved your casual attitude. :-) A couple of points: Didn't see what kind of hitch system is used. Also, up in Minnesota we have swarms of flies and mosquitos so mosquito netting is required - might want to add that to the windows and door, as a suggestion.

    1. We have a couple of them and they have netting on the windows and as an extra a front porch. Standard 4 flat auto plug. We added an removable extention to the 2X2 bar hitch. On the extention we welded a round pipe (8" long, mounted vertically,lined with carpet to hold a small LP tank and a rack for a medium sized ice chest. We used them with our 4 wheelers to really get past the crowds. You can modify to any hitch.


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