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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Man converts plastic into gas and oil

Plastic is made from petroleum. So what if we could covert all our plastic waste packaging back into gas, diesel and oil instead of just tossing it into a landfill? Imagine all those plastic drinking bottles just tossed away! What a waste! And what an opportunity! Well, that is what one man has done -- made a compact machine to convert plastic back into petroleum. Maybe we all need one of these in our RVs -- just collect plastic from trash cans and our own waste baskets and transform it into gas for our thirsty engines.


  1. How much electricity does it take to make this?

  2. Plastic in North America is made from natural gas, not crude oil as many would have you believe. Distilling our plastic to a gas then to an oil might not yield a usable, stable fuel.

    It would be interesting though to see how much plastic and how long it would take to distill 20 gallons and if it would work in a vehicle.


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