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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watch a Jayco trailer undergo a tough road test

This is very interesting. Watch a Jayco Skylark travel trailer go through a 1,000 mile durability road test. The trailer is exposed to all kinds of road conditions. By the end of the test the trailer's punishment will approximate what a typical trailer will go through in its lifetime. The host of this four-minute video explains everything as you watch the trailer being tested. You should find this interesting.


  1. What I see is a camper that is not fully loaded with all the stuff a family on vacation would use. Like an awning, propane tanks, and I bet there was no food or fresh water in the tanks on board either. If they use LED lights the current used should be a lot less than one quarter of the old lights. Of course they didn't show the results of the test.

    I think that the idea of a lighter camping trailer is good why not got to europe and buy a few, bring them here and see how it goes with the public?

  2. Kay, you just might want to check out the trailer a little more carefully before make such broad statements about its shortcomings. This video was a few minutes long -- you can't say and show everything in such a short time. -- Chuck, editor,

  3. I would have to say that I would have liked them to had done three thing differently. For one, they could have gone in less detail about the track so they could cover the trailer more. Two, the trailer should have been load/equipped the at or near the max rating. And three, it would have been nice to see how the test effected the inside, if only a short shot. As far as we can tell this was only a shell with no interior to have jarred loose. I was not impressed nor comforted with this video, more fluff than fact.

  4. Agree with the other two critical posters. The test seems entirely focused on the running gear. Durability is about body integrity, whether the interior furnishings hold together, etc. And how does Jayco define "a lifetime" of use?

  5. This test was performed by the manufacturer, so no defects would be found. This is strictly an advertising gimmick. To do a real test for durability it would have to be done by someone other than the manufacturer.

  6. I thought the GM truck held up very well. After all it went though the same rigorous test too right?


  7. I own a Jayco and have had nothing but problems from the beginning when I bought it brand new. I will never own another Jayco.


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