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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Road Bandit heads to spooky Nevada mines

Six-foot-eight, 27-year-old Randy Primm heads to the ghost town of Nelson, Nevada, where he explores a haunted gold mine. This is the first episode of a weekly show from Randy, the Road Bandit, about what he discovers out there on the RV road. In this episode Randy takes a question from a viewer, "At six-foot-eight, don't you hit your head a lot in that RV?" To which Randy replies, "well. .. yes." And then he explains why that has absolutely no effect on his mission to keep on rolling. If you enjoy the show and want to help this enthusiast, fanatically dedicated nomad keep going, you can make a donation to his effort right here. Go Road Bandit!


  1. Randy, I'm a 69yr old retired man that just got back into Rving afew yrs ago & have made some of my retiement dreams of traveling in an RV,but I'm resticked because of having a grandson under my belt who is sickly, but I'm envious of you being able to do what you are doing at an early age. Keep on doing it as long as you can & enjoy it. The first hit about the gold mine was terrific something I would like to see. Thank you. Jim C.

  2. Randy, Good job! Enjoyed hearing and seeing the ghost mine in Nelson; and hearing about the movie 127 hours. Thats in my bucket list of movies to see. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great job, Randy! Your video was very enjoyable to watch. You had a wide variety of topics with great video shots. I hope you will be a regular on RV Travel Newsletter. Jan


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