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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How turn a delivery van into a motorhome

This fast-paced video from Australia is nine minutes long, but it's like a good mystery book: once you get into it you don't want to stop. There's a warning at the end of the video just in case you get inspired to do this yourself. This is well worth watching.


  1. Truly a GREAT JOB. Looks fantasic.
    Not many are that good with there hands in doing all that he did.

  2. Awesome job - not something just anyone could attempt. Beautiful!!

  3. Wow ! Loved the timelap photos. It gives one a realistic idea as to what it takes to embark on such a quest!

  4. Truly a great craftsman and he did a wonderful job! I've been building custom RVs since 1973 and I would change 3 items; Vent those batteries outside or use Optima type glass mat batts. Fiberglass insulation is great in a house but in a moving vehicle it leaks out and causes lots of scratching, combined with the itch from venting batteries it could get unbearable and quite unhealthy. Lastly here in New Mexico we use metal flange roof vents, the plastic flanges crack in the sun. I admire any person who tackles such a job, it is not as easy as it may look. Well Done Man !!!
    Rick L


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