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Thursday, September 9, 2010

RV dumps sewer tank on city street

This short video is disgusting, plain and simple. Three days after an RV dumped its black water tank along a residential street in Venice, Calif., the contents of the tank are still pooled along the curb. The stench is terrible. You have to wonder why anyone would do this, and also why the city would not clean up afterwards. This scene represents RVers at their worst. If you have the stomach, watch this video.


  1. If the people who did this were caught, why weren't they required to clean it up themselves. It would certainly cure them of ever doing something like this again.

  2. Why doesn't the city wash it AWAY with a street cleaner??? They do have them don't they?

  3. Maybe the City doesn't notice. It is, after all, Venice.


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