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Friday, August 6, 2010

Trailer flips on highway as video camera rolls

A gust of wind tossed this trailer right on its side as a driver behind rolled his video camera. It turns out it was a 42-foot trailer being pulled to its new location, and the driver had slowed down and was planning to exit the road at the next opportunity. Yet, look at how easy things can go wrong!


  1. Sad that their only action was to simply film it until something awful happened. Why not get involved and try to help - blow the horn, etc. Whatever is needed to get the driver's attention & help out. Guess it is just easier to be a bystander as other human beings experience difficulties. Sad.

  2. I am sure that the driver felt the trailer "wagging the dog". And the person filming ...what could he do to help? Nothing. They were traveling on a two lane road, set up with construction cones, he couldn't even pass to "warn" the travel trailer driver. I'm glad that no one was hurt! Too bad the travel trailer was damaged.

  3. @Anonymous, I'm sure that if the trailer is being moved by the wind like that, the driver of the tow vehicle would know about it. Driving near the side of a moving vehicle that might lose control anytime could be more dangerous. Think about it.

  4. No doubt the tow driver felt the trailer swaying.....others could still blow their horns, etc. to let him know that he's endangering everyone else on the road. There's PLENTY of room to pull to the right and wait until weather conditions improve.

  5. If the guys who filmed this would have attempted to pull up next to the trailer driver to warm him, they risked ending up underneath that beast themselves. Hard to predict which way it would have toppled. Notice the truck in front of them drove through without stopping. No one was injured and insurance will cover the loss. Fortunate that there was no traffic coming from the opposite direction. That could have been a disaster.

  6. The safest thing to do would have been to slowly pull over onto that nice grassy shoulder, point the setup into the wind as much as possible, and sit and wait it out.

    Instead, the driver is totally clueless to what's clearly going on behind him (or thinks he's somehow invincible) and blindly continues on until the inevitable happens.

    The second he first saw the trailer lean and pull on the truck (and there's NO way he didn't feel it) he should have stopped. It sure appear that trailer tires quite likely left the road on several occasions and yet he keeps driving despite there being lots of places he could have pulled over and safely stopped.

    The wind is ultimately at fault, but the drivers own inaction is a large contributor to the resulting wreck!

  7. Its interesting to hear before it happened that the camera man wanted to catch it flip on film. Its so sad as others had said here that people are more interested in documenting others misery than helping out.

  8. I love all this armchair quarterbacking. Hindsight is always 20-20, especially if it doesn't even involve you.


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