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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What happens when you drop a motorhome 150 feet?

So. . . what would happen if you hoisted a Class A motorhome up about 150 feet and then let 'er drop straight down to Mother Earth? You can find out here in this one minute video from a Memorial Day stunt at Wisconsin Dells Raceway. This does not qualify for a top ranking in Stupid RVer tricks, but it's right up there in the "Why?" category!


  1. Guess they didn't latch the front compartment door.

  2. I fail to find humor in crushing some's dream vehicle.

  3. Just goes to show the decline of civilization with the "Bread & Circus" crowds of today and their definition of "entertainment."

  4. they need a longer ruler. That was not 150 feet.

  5. Wow....seriously??? Some of you people need to lighten up, you are going to give yourselves strokes. Jeez!


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