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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An RV made of Duct Tape

Watch this short video from CNN and then you can say that you truly have "seen everything." Yes, this really is an RV! With the exception of the frame and chassis, it's made entirely of Duct Tape. Maybe after seeing this video you will want a Duct Tape Camper for yourself. But probably not.


  1. That's my daughter and me, building our duct tape camper in 2008. We had a lot of fun building it and even more fun actually camping and talking about the project with all the other campers. More details and videos are available at

  2. Red Green would be soooo proud.

  3. Great idea,my husband, who is a big fan of duct tape loved it!!

  4. Just don't lean up against the inside walls!

  5. I love it!

  6. Hmm...

    "11,000 inches" of duct tape.

    = about 306 yards

    A little over 15, 20-yard rolls

    At about $4 a roll, about $60.

    1/4 inch plywood for such a little trailer wouldn't have been much more expensive, wouldn't flap in the breeze, and if you painted it, could last for years.


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