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Saturday, January 16, 2010

School bus converted to motorhome is impressive

A fellow named Jake shows off the motorhome he made using an old school bus. He explains why he built the motorhome rather than just buying a manufactured one (hint: he saved lots of money and the RV is very sturdy). You'll be very impressed with this attractive coach and the creativity that went into making it. Jake is a very handy fellow.


  1. Very nice!

    We had a retired 70's school bus that was purchased from a local church, for $1000 that served us very well as a MH for several years.

    The gas engine was in the front, and was easy to access for maintenance and repair. Parts were easy to find, since there are school bus "boneyards" nationwide. We eventually sold it for much more than we invested in it, to upgrade to a more modern MH.

  2. I wish I remembered where I'd see a website for this conversions. He did an excellent job, and on the website, he broke each section down to dozens of pictures.....very helpful to anyone interested in such a project.

    I know after watching the video, I would love to tackle just such a project....and as a school bus driver, I know just how solid they are!
    My problem...I'm 6'7" I'm usually bent over when I'm in the bus.....just fit in my Winnie "C"

    Great job!

  3. Jake's conversion is posted at



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