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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Six motorhomes battle to the death in this RV demolition derby

Six Class C motorhomes battle to the death at a demolition derby. Watch the RVs bump and bash each other until only one is still able to move. This is not pretty, but it's entertaining. Please, do not try this with your own RV.


  1. 30 Years ago, someone paid a sizeable amount of money for these motorhomes. How many hours of life energy were spent at the factory or at the office to make the payments for these things? Now, in a few short years, they are destined for the landfill. A sad commentary on our wasteful, consumption driven society. What is even sadder is that a good percentage of Americans are actually entertained by witnessing this destruction.

  2. I totally agree.

    These motorhomes still seem to be running, and most are even able to be driven somewhere. I've seen older and more run-down ones still traveling the roads. Why not give them to homeless people, or at sell them for a thousand or two dollars to the not-so-well-off. With a slight investment of few hundred dollars, they could still have several years of enjoyment, or use as a residence, left in them. It pains me to see such waste.

  3. come on...lighten up. they are pieces of crap. rather than just junking them somewhere, they are getting one last big bang! dont be a fool! do you really want a homeless person driving this down the freeway next to you? or camping a junker in your town? dumb comments...liberal tree-hugger stupidity


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