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Monday, November 16, 2009

Seriously stupid RV trick

We have a new nomination for our Stupid RV Trick of the Year. It's crazy: we think we have seen the all-time Stupid RV Trick and then along comes another one like this that proves that there is virtually no limit to creative stupidity.

There is a bit of off-color language here, so turn off your sound if you just want to see the stupid trick without commentary.


  1. I saw this before...the driver broke his jaw and fractured his back doing stupid things like this.

  2. What is the attraction?

    Oh, I see, a concussion.

  3. This is your brain on alcohol...

  4. Another candidate for the Darwin Awards. This guy was just a hair away from thinning out the gene pool for stupidity.

  5. How drunk was he or was he doing it on a bet? Either way, dumb stupid.


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