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Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's intermission time at the Drive-In Movie Theater

Remember a long time ago when going to a movie meant going to the drive-in movie theater? The sound was lousy -- the little speaker in the window barely did the job. But, oh boy, weren't those hot dogs swell and the popcorn, too, and that Coca Cola really hit the spot. Maybe when you were in high school, you went to the show with your sweetie -- and that was back in the days of bench seats, so you could snuggle right up (watch those hands, buddy!) Well, here's a 1950s-era film shown at intermissions at drive-ins, maybe even one you visited. Watching this is like traveling back in time. Enjoy!


  1. Wow, was that a trip down memory lane. I miss those simpler times.

  2. thankyou, always enjoy readingor seeing things from the past. so much more interesting.

  3. No one ever took me to a drive-in movie in high school more than once. I WANTED TO SEE THE MOVIE!

  4. That sure brought back some good memories. I still have one of those speakers that we forgot to hang back on the pole. Oops!

  5. It was the best years of my life, working at a drivein theatre and still going to high school. I started out selling tickets then working in the snackbar.I also worked training to run the 2 projectors. It was back when you still changed the reels every 15 minutes. It was atime in school I ever did homework, how many times can you watch the movie.


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