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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Take a tour of a big rig truck "Sleeper."

Have you ever wondered what's in the space behind the front seats of a big, 18-wheeler truck? Sometimes, the "Sleeper" unit is as comfy as most big RVs, complete with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and TV. In this video, Brian, an owner operator with Allied Van Lines shows off his home-away-from-home in his Peterbilt truck. RV owners will find the scene very familiar.


  1. I always wondered what was inside those big units! So thanks for the tour, now we know.

  2. This is really nice. Just like RV'ing - everything you need for an affordable and comfortable life on the road. And if a couple was trucking together that make it extra nice for them too.

  3. I've been around line tractors for over 41 years now and trust me, you don't really want to know the price tag on that Peterbilt. The sleeper unit run from a 32 inch sleeper to even bigger than the one seen here. It isn't unusual for one to run in the many thousands of dollars. Go to a truck show sometime and you will see lots of them. Truck shows are like an RV show but for truckers and trucking companies. The example seen is an "Owner--Operator". Normally companies will only run a bare bones sleeper. Owners / Operators who have to live inthem, like "Full Timers" really need more than a place to sleep. Welcome to their world!!

  4. I would like to have heard the interview in "non-trucker southern English." Frankly, it sounded as if the interviewer was putting on an accent for effect. Not every trucker is from the south. Not all spoutherners speak that way either.

  5. The trucker is a class act. The interviewer is a idiot.

  6. like jon in texas said normal sleeper cabs are not like that i done over 20 years all over europe an the midle east and never had anything like that very nice rig all we norm run over here are what you call cabovers and the worst thing they ever put on a truck were headlamps lol


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