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Friday, May 1, 2009

Actor Matthew McConaughey is an RV fanatic

Watch this short video of actor Matthew McConaughey and you'll know the hype about him being an avid RVer is true. The guy loves his Airstream trailer! While he may be a Hollywood superstar, McConaughey has long enjoyed time traveling and camping in his RV. Recently he took his girlfriend Camila Alves and nine month old son Levi on a 7,300 mile, 42 day RV road trip. On April 30, 2009, McConaughey shared some of his favorite stories of the trip while appearing on "Live with Regis and Kelly."


  1. He (matthew Mc.) just slammed the hell out of RV'ers!!!
    He made it seem that everyone in the campgrounds he "graced with his presence", was dumber than a box of rocks!!!!
    That makes him totally crap to me, although I was not impressed
    with him before.
    Does locking up animals and killing them (like shooting into a bucket) sound humane.
    Sounds like Murder to me. (Check out his farm/land/ranch)

  2. I don't know how you figure out he slammed the hell out of rv'ers! He showed them as they are...not star-struck weirdos but actual normal people who are more interested in his setup than who he is. Grow up!

  3. He seemed like he enjoyed traveling with trailer and familly. Guess some people are just a little senstive because he can afford to enjoy life. Saw him on Leno talking about the trip and the trailer. I hope he continues to enjoy this type of activity with his family. Much more fun than what some of the left coast movie folks participate in for fun.

  4. "Anonymous" #1 revealed his/her true agenda with the last poorly written paragraph (a question should end with a question mark, even when it is a rhetorical question). The appearance on "Regis & Cathy/Kelly/whatever" did not deal at all with his "humanity." Also, murder is not a proper noun. I am not impressed by any soi disant celebrity, but found his description of many RV'ers spot on. As Anonymous #2 stated, most are very interested in equipment and compare rigs at every opportunity.

    Oh, and for the record, "locking up" ANIMALS does not speak to humanity, in my opinion. Further, murder is not a proper legal description of the slaughter of an animal. It also does not correlate in a description of a RV road trip. I would point you to some blogs that are more topical to the issue of animal cruelty, but I suspect you already subscribe many of those.

  5. Well, gee. I wanted to know what that blue light is for too and how to get one. It looks cool at night. My dish doesn't have that. :-)

    Actor Jeff Daniels says he has the same experience in RV parks. RV folks just want to talk about equipment, road warrior anecdotes, and places they have been, not movies.

  6. Oh come on - he wasn't "slamming RV'ers, he was making a joke and it was funny. RV parks are full of all kinds of people, all walks of life and that is one thing that is so wonderful about RV'ing. Matthew could care less about social status or he wouldn't be RV'ing in campgrounds.

  7. Causal commment: It does seem that nearly all the celebrities that are into RVing have Airstreams. Also, ever notice that when a movie or TV script calls for an RV to appear; it is almost always an Airstream? Apparently celebrities regard Airstream as being in a different category than all the rest of the RVs.


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